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Elders and the Healing Power of Pets

Jul 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers Temecula

Seniors and the Intangibles of Pet Ownership


Whether seniors live alone or in a group facility, owning a pet can have measurable physical and emotional benefits.  Dogs and other pets live in the moment – not pre-occupied with worries and what tomorrow means.  That attitude tends to rub off on people and can be a great benefit for the elderly.

As we age, we tend to not be as physically active or outgoing as we once were which can lead to unintended isolation. This isolation can increase feelings of loneliness or depression – pets are great for addressing some of these issues.  While nothing can replace human interaction completely, having a furry friend goes a long way to curing the blues!

If your independent senior has the room for an animal – getting him or her one will help keep them stimulated and prevent boredom.  Pets also benefit from this relationship – often the elderly are the ones who have the most time to devote to the animals they adopt.  Contact your local Humane Society or shelter to rescue an animal who will love all the attention a senior can provide.

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