24 Hour Home Care in Temecula, CA


Learn about the benefits of 24 hour home care for seniors who need more intense care to remain independent.


For many seniors, in-home care can be the difference between a happy, joyful, and carefree life and one of challenge, struggle, and discontent. In-home care can also provide seniors with a sense of safety, security, and companionship. The degree of care desired or required depends on a senior's individual situation. Some individuals may only need a couple hours of support a week while others may need services several times a week or even require daily support.


In situations where a senior has a progressive condition, such as Alzheimer's disease, ALS, late-stage cancer, etc., a senior may need round-the-clock support to remain safe, independent, and comfortable in their home. For most seniors with this degree of need, the availability of 24-hour home care makes the difference between aging in place and moving to a nursing home.


What Are the Benefits of 24 Hour Home Care in Temecula, CA?


Comfort Keepers 24-hour care is available as a stand-alone support or caregivers can work in tandem with family caregivers. In situations where family members choose to provide most of the care, Comfort Keepers 24-hour care is available for round-the-clock respite care support when family caregivers need a break or must take some time off.


Comfort Keepers 24-hour home care is not live-in care. With Comfort Keepers, caregivers work on rotating six or eight-hour shifts. This approach provides many benefits. First, seniors do not need to worry about providing sleeping quarters or worry about complicated labor laws involving meal plans and duty-free time blocks. Instead, caregivers arrive fresh, alert, and ready to focus on the senior regardless of the time of day. Second, because there are not large blocks of duty-free time, the senior receives 24-hour care.


In short, if your senior loved one's condition progresses to the point that they require 24-hour home care, Comfort Keepers caregivers are ready to work with you to provide a plan that will best meet their needs and yours. For more information, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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