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Learn about how Comfort Keepers' dementia care can provide support to seniors.


Dementia is more than not remembering where you put your car keys or remote control. In fact, memory loss, while it is one of the most noticeable symptoms, is only a small part of the overall impact dementia has on a person. Dementia also leads to personality changes, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, communication loss, and, eventually, a neurological decline that can impact an individual's ability to perform even basic daily living tasks or personal care routines.


Dementia is progressive in nature and tends to follow a standard pattern of decline. Sadly, because of its impact on the body and mind, dementia also increases the likelihood of additional illnesses and injuries. Making matters worse, many of these additional ailments are not caught in their early stages because the impacted individual was not able to adequately communicate their symptoms and caregivers often cannot differentiate the symptoms of a secondary illness from the decline associated with dementia. This means that when these illnesses are diagnosed, they are already established in the body and are harder to treat.


Caring for an individual with dementia is not easy and it only gets more difficult as their condition progresses. Beyond the challenges of physical care are the emotional realities of continual decline and an eventual, difficult, end of life. Despite the challenges, tens of millions of family caregivers lovingly provide care to family members with dementia every year. When care becomes more than caregivers can handle, many families look to nursing homes and memory care facilities. In addition to the expense of these choices, the vast majority of these institutions do not allow for cohabitation, which means a spouse or significant other must separate from their loved one.


Getting Assistance with Dementia Care


Comfort Keepers specializes in in-home dementia care. From coming alongside family caregivers with part-time support and assistance to full-time, 24-hour care, Comfort Keepers caregivers are able to maximize a senior's independence while they safely remain in the comfort of their own home. With Comfort Keepers dementia care, each senior receives the personalized support and care they need when they need it. Care plans are based on a senior's unique situation, but they are highly flexible and regularly updated to meet the changing needs of this progressive illness.


In short, dementia care is not easy. Whether you are looking for part-time support and assistance or full-time in-home care, Comfort Keepers caregivers have the training, experience, and range of services that you need.

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