Why You Should Choose In-Home Care in Fallbrook, CA


Learn how seniors can their independence by using in home care


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "People over the age of 65 years experienced nearly three times as many hospital days [as non-seniors]". While they are in the hospital, seniors receive the same excellent treatment as others, but what happens when they are discharged?


Most younger individuals have family or social network supports to help them once they leave the hospital. Many seniors do not find themselves in this same situation. A quarter or seniors live alone and half of those who don't live with another senior who may or may not have the ability to care for them upon discharge. In today's world, this creates an extra burden on seniors since an increased number of surgeries, medical treatments, and minimally invasive procedures typically result in short hospital stays (if one is required at all) with the majority of the convalescence to take place at home. Often, the discharge instructions are complicated and include several medications.


Seniors without proper in-home care may need to spend time in a convalescent home or nursing facility. Even those who thought they could avoid the nursing home by moving into an assisted living community may find that they need to purchase extra care, or they may still need to spend some time there.


The Case for In Home Care


Thankfully, there is an alternative. The same in-home care that provides daily living assistance for seniors with chronic or progressive pain, illness, or disability can also provide excellent short-term support. Assisted living does not typically provide the degree of home care required due to a sudden illness or medical procedure, and nursing homes may actually hinder recovery as they limit the independence, freedom, and activity necessary for a rapid recovery. In-home care, however, is tailored to a senior's exact and unique needs. It provides the supports and services required when they are required, and since the care is provided in a senior's own home, freedom, independence, and activities which speed recovery are maximized.


With in-home care, a senior's home can be even safer than an institutional environment. Research shows that in-home care reduces recovery time, reduces instances of hospital readmission, and decreases exposure to viruses, bacteria, and infection. Further, medication management support helps seniors avoid the complications that may arise with the additional medications required during their recovery.


Best of all, seniors only pay for the support that they need. Instead of paying thousands of dollars a month for services that are not necessary, and may actually impede recovery, in-home care provides the exact type and amount of care required for the exact time that it is needed.


In short, many seniors worry about their safety and well-being should they get sick, injured, or need to have a medical procedure. Many others ignore their growing symptoms and avoid getting the help they need out of fear that they might end up in a nursing home. With in-home care, all of the support they need can be provided in the comfort of their own home. From light housekeeping and laundry to personal hygiene and grooming support, transportation, companionship, and meal preparation, your senior loved one will receive all the supports necessary to maintain a high-quality of life during recovery.

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