Avoiding Isolation with Companion Home Care in Menifee, CA


Learn how companion home care can keep seniors socially engaged with their community.


Depression is a dangerous condition for anybody to have, but it is often even more so for seniors. Increasing the danger is the common link between social isolation and depression.


There are many reasons a senior may become socially isolated. From embarrassment over a medical condition to grief over the loss of a loved one, when the response includes withdrawing from social situations and becoming increasingly isolated there is an ever-increasing risk that the senior will become depressed.


Thankfully, there are many ways that seniors can avoid social isolation and depression. When some assistance is required, Comfort Keepers companion home care can help. With that in mind, let's look at three effective ways to ward off senior isolation.


The Benefits of Companion Home Care in Menifee, CA


Getting out of the house may seem a little too obvious, but it is the best way to combat isolation. From the endless benefits of sunlight and Vitamin-D to the endorphins that are released with exercise, getting out of the house and moving around is a great first step toward re-entering the social world. For seniors who may be stressed about leaving the house because of physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations, Comfort Keepers companion home care services may provide the support they need.


Sometimes a senior simply needs something to do. Volunteering is a great way to put their talents and abilities to good use. Hospitals, schools, senior centers, and myriad other non-profits are always looking for reliable volunteers.


Animals, especially dogs and cats, have been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. Not only does the simply act of petting an animal provide tremendous benefits, but pet owners also have other responsibilities. In addition to the pet's daily care needs, animals need food, toys, veterinarian appointments, etc. When seniors are out and about taking care of their animal, they often bump into other pet owners who share similar interests. In fact, conversations about pets are often the starting point for human friendships.


Sadly, loss is a normal part of aging. Isolation and depression, however, are not. With a little care, planning, and assistance from Comfort Keepers companion home care staff, your senior loved one can avoid these common pitfalls. 

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