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Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease can be challenging. Many times, family caregivers do not even realize how overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted they are until they finally get a chance to take a break. When they do, they look back and wonder what happened.

Murrieta Alzheimer's Care

Alzheimer's is a progressive disease. Seniors who are diagnosed with it do not suddenly lose all of their memories, cognition, and abilities. It starts with slight forgetfulness and minor cognitive impairment. As the disease progresses, seniors will need help with memory care, establishing and keeping routines, and daily living activities. Family caregivers are usually able to provide this care and support without too much trouble, and they enjoy spending the time with their senior loved one. Most of them realize the importance of this time as well; understanding that the first stages of Alzheimer's will be the best of the days their loved one has left.

Slowly, over time, Alzheimer's disease will erode a senior's mental and physical capacities. Like a drip from a faucet that eventually overflows a basin, Alzheimer's disease slowly takes away a senior's abilities. Because the degradation is gradual, caregivers may not even notice the changes are happening. Then, one day, caregivers realize their loved one is unable to care for themselves and they have not been sleeping, socializing, or taking care of their own needs.

In order to prevent the challenges of Alzheimer's care from sneaking up on you, consider the following:

  • Do your research. As soon as your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, find out all you can about the disease. Understand the stages, how the disease impacts a senior, and how to best deal with those changes. Also, research Alzheimer's care options such as Comfort Keepers. Learn what each Alzheimer's provider offers and which option would be best for your senior loved one.
  • Plan and Evaluate. Alzheimer's disease will change your senior loved one. By regularly checking your loved one's progress and adapting their care accordingly, you can keep changes from sneaking up on you. This intertwines with the research aspect. If your loved one's Alzheimer's disease is rapidly progressing and proven too much for a family member, with the research you did prior, you can make an informed decision regarding Alzheimer's care.
  • Accommodate. Updating the senior's home early on can help ease transitions and save stress and anxiety later. The Alzheimer's Association has several suggestions for home updates.
  • Take time off. Caregiver burnout is not something to take lightly. Thankfully, prevention can be as easy as taking frequent respite breaks. In order to make these transitions and breaks easier, later on, start respite care early.

For more information on Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's care, and how Comfort Keepers can help, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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