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Learn how Comfort Keepers in home care can help seniors remain independent.


Family caregivers provide care and support to tens of millions of American seniors every year. Their support allows their senior loved ones to live at home while remaining safe and independent. Sadly, many millions of other seniors are not so fortunate. They do not have a level of family caregiver support that allows them to live freely while maintaining a high or safe standard of living. Most of these seniors do their best to survive utilizing support from local charities, churches, and non-profit organizations. But, facing an ever-increasing loss of independence and quality of life, many them will eventually move into a nursing home or skilled care facility. Sadly, this is not the way their life needed to turn out.


In Home Care in Murrieta, CA


Comfort Keepers in-home care provides supports and services designed to help seniors maintain their independence and freedom while safely living in their own home. With Comfort Keepers in-home care, professional caregivers go to the senior's home at a time that works best for the senior. Once there, caregivers follow a customized plan of care that addresses the specific and unique needs of the senior. Common supports include light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation. Seniors who require help with personal care can receive assistance with eating, toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, etc. Comfort Keepers in-home care providers also specialize in dementia and Alzheimer's care, as well as respite care, end of life care, and hospital to home transitioning.


In addition to physical supports, home care also addresses a senior's social and emotional needs. In fact, many seniors find the companionship aspect of care to be even more beneficial than the physical daily living assistance. Comfort Keepers intertwines companionship with each area of support through their trademarked Interactive Caregiving model. By developing a relationship with the senior and adding meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive tasks into the care, caregivers can address the needs of the whole person instead of just performing physical tasks.


With so many benefits to in-home care, it is no wonder that researchers have found that seniors who recuperate from illness and injury at home recover faster and with fewer complications. In-home care has also been linked to fewer hospital re-admissions, a lower risk of secondary infections, and a greater overall quality of life.


In short, not every senior has a large support network to provide care for them should they need short or long-term assistance. With Comfort Keepers in-home care, however, even seniors who do not have this large support network can receive top-quality care in the comfort and convenience of their own home. 

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