Alzheimer's Care in Winchester, CA


Learn why it is best to start Alzheimer's care early and the benefits of care for seniors with this disease.


Alzheimer's disease is a progressive form of dementia that does not currently have a cure. There are, however, numerous treatments and therapies that can greatly improve the quality of a person's life as they go through the stages of Alzheimer's.


While many seniors may be tempted to wait for Alzheimer's services until their symptoms become severe, the earlier treatments start, the more successful they prove to be. Further, the components of Alzheimer's care address the physical, cognitive, and behavioral aspects and symptoms of the disease, early intervention also maximizes a family’s ability to enjoy the best of a senior's remaining years.


Why Get Alzheimer's Care in Winchester, CA?


Some Alzheimer's care situations call for 24-hour supervision and support while other seniors may only require occasional assistance. With Comfort Keepers, care is personalized and designed to meet a senior's individual needs.


Caregivers can help family members plan for the later stages of the disease early on to lessen the difficulty of future adjustments. For example, bright colors and complex patterns may trigger emotional or behavior outbursts. To reduce overstimulation and head off these situations, wall decorations, wallpaper, and even bright colored walls may be redone in order to create a calm, peaceful environment.


In the same way, routines that are calm, familiar, and low-stress help seniors avoid anxiety and fear. When caregivers establish routines early on (including sleep schedules, meals, recreation, and so forth), there are fewer issues as the disease progresses.


Alzheimer's services can also help create routines that will help seniors after their ability to communicate effectively has left them. By establishing frequent, small meals, regular toilet breaks, and regular exercise sessions, seniors will have their needs met even when they can no longer express themselves.


Professional Alzheimer's care providers understand the disease, its symptoms, and the many ways to help a senior maximize their quality of life during their remaining years. To learn more about Comfort Keepers in-home Alzheimer's care, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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